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So there we go it’s Monday! And that means: It’s Time For Our Tea Time! Yay! Are You Ready? I Am! Today i wi’ll try to write my post in English.(Wish me Luck!) I can’t write it very well so, don’t laugh! Promise? LoL! I Promised mah  Girl that i wi’ll try to write a post in English. She knows who she is! So Okay there we goooo…I hope that you had a great weekend. I Did! Ohwwww Yessss! So, It’s Monday & that means the start of a new week! Yayyyy! We’ll i’m happy that it’s Monday because not everybody had the chance to see a new day. Sometimes we are so irritaded that it’s monday that we don’t realize how blessed we are just to able to see a new day, you know? I’m just saying. I’m not a  fan of the Mondays and i’m still not Fan of The Mondays, but I’m Thankfull! Yes! It’s Always a Blessing to see a new day! No matter what kind of day it is. So, i’m very thankfull about that. And i know that you are thankfull as well. So, I’m sitting here with my cup of tea relaxing! I had a great start of the week. I didn’t had a busy day today i wasn’t that busy so i really enjoy the fact that i had more time. Off course i have a Quote for Tonight! Shall we check it out? There we Go then!

Yes! First of all i wanna wish you a wonderful week! I hope that you wi’ll be able to reach all your goals  that you Plannend for this New Week. You can do it Girl!



 It’s time for our Quote for tonight! Yes! Yes! Yes! images-10Sometimes we just have to make the first step. You know? Sometimes you have wonderful plans or goals in mind for yourself. And that’s is Great! but somehow  we get stuck. We don’t take action to realize our plan or dream. We can have many reasons why it’s not the moment or we can think very difficult about things. But sometimes it’s very simple we just have to: ———->

Yesss! Sometimes we just have to make the first step and the other things will follow.


Yeah! So Yes girl! Let’s get It Started! Let’s start Today! You can Do it And i Can do it! All we got to Do Is Believe in Ourselves! And Make It Happen just To Simply Begin! Yes Let’s Take the First Step! 




Girl, Tell your Girl very Honest How was my English? Is it something that I Have To Do More Or is it a No Go? LoL!

I Apreciate your Honesty & I Hope that you Enjoyed!

Let me know in the comments box down below..




25 thoughts on “Tea Time @ Night (written in English)|It’s New Week!|Night Quote |PepT@lk|Mah Night Vibe|Let’s Get it Started!

  1. Your english isn’t that bad !! Everybody will understand what you’re saying so don’t worry about that!!
    I love that song by the way 😍 Blach eyed peas are so awesome (especially the woman.. 🙄) anyway.. thanks for the peptalk Miss B !! 😘😘😘😆

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  2. Awhhh Big Sis ! So Sweet! 😙😙😙😙ThnQ Dear! Ik was heel zenuwachtig ! Pffff! ThnQ Dear for your comment i really really apreciate it! !❤💕❤💕❤
    Yesss! Black Eyed Peas is awesome! Yeaaah Especially Fergie ! 💯💯💯💯

    Your Welcome Darling! 💋💋ThnQ for Reading!💋💋

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  3. Op een paar kleine foutjes na is je Engels prima, niks om je voor te schamen. 😊 Gewoon lekker mee doorgaan, het is goed te lezen zo! X

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  4. Hey! I am glad to read your full post for the first time as it was in English. Though I read only the quote in your previous post. Yes, we are blessed to see everyday. And your English was not bad at all. And the quote is something I needed today! Thank you!
    I would like to get your feedback on my latest post.
    Love~ Purva 💕

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