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How To Resolve Our Language Problem| Did You Know? About Chrome Translator?|Miss B. wi’ll Practice To Write Posts in English



Miss B. Was Thinking How To Resolve Our Language Problem..

Dear Followers! I tried yesterday to write Tea time in English. It was Fun to do and it was great to hear your honest opinions about this post. Thank You for that! Now some off you share with me that you don’t understand my posts when I write it in Dutch and it was very great to finally understand my post. I wasn’t very easy for me to write the post in English. And it is difficult for me to express my thoughts with you. So I was thinking the whole day  how we can resolve this language issue in the mean time.

Did you know?

Did you know that Google has a translate option. It translates most of the blogs or websites in the language that you choose.

This is what chrome say on their webpage:

 Google Chrome makes it possible.

Chrome Translates Web pages Automatically

Chrome allows you to view any web page in your preferred language and runs web applications at lightning speed.

Get Chrome with Translate:

Maybe it’s something that you didn’t know about. I use it to read many blogs on wordpress. It  really  helps me to understand what other people post in their own Language.

And give me the opportunity to react on their posts. Off course it’s fun when you follow somebody’s blog that you actually can understand what the person is writing about and Enjoy it & comment on their posts. So I personally think that this is the best option to solve this language problem.

I wi’ll Practice To Write in English

I can’t express myself very well in English so it’s take time for me to learn and practice to write English as it sopose to be. I wi’ll work on it. Because I wanna make all everybody that visit my blog happy. So in the mean time that I practice I hope that this option that Google Chrome provides will make it easy for you to understand my posts en posts from other Bloggers.

Did you Already Know About This Option?

This was the only option that I could  think about to make our connect  and communication better as Bloggers.

Let me Know  know when you try it out & If it was helpfull for you to understand my blog.

I Hope that you wi’ll try it out… I Really Do.



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