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The Versatile Blogger Award| & The Nominees Are…






Queen Nique !


ThnQ girl for this Award!

This award was originated by Diwakar.(author of Idiotviews).

Thanks a lot for creating this wonderful award!



No.1° Spending Quality with Fam

I Love to have Quality Time with My Hubby and our lil Son♡

There is nothing more fun then doing that! We have so much fun together!

No.2° I Love to Blog!


I’m doing this  about a year and it’s something  that starting to be a part of my life… I have a lot of fun doing it so far.

No.3° Miss B Loves to wear Black!

Girl, let me tell you something almost  all of my clothes are Black! But I wear also others colors but always in combination with that’s right:


Black has always been my favorite color when it comes to clothes. It’s elegant and timeless…

No.4° Miss B Loves to Draw & Handlettering…

I’m a very creative person. I like to do these kind of things in my free-time.

No.5 ° I don’t like injustice…


(That’s something that can make me very mad and sad at  the same time. I think that erverybody deserves rescpect and have the right to be treated the same way.

No.6° I’m Always Positive…


Of course I have my  down moments but most of the time i’m very positive and I always manage to see the good in everything. I think that positivity is something that you need to face this life. So i’m very happy that i’ve been blessed with this Quality.

No.7° I don’t like to Sleep…


I sleep because I have to, but girl it’s not my favorite thing to do! Lol! It’s something that I will choose to do in my free time. I wonder  sometimes if i’m the only one that is not a fan of sleeping…Lol!  Because it seems like i’m the only one on this planet that don’t like to sleep..




Saantjeslife-Joann-                – Marushi- Own It

~~~~Jess_Contender- Taureenia ~~~

Styledcolorfully-Aubrey’s Arch-Raven_555-Creabeaatje_34

Sudershana- Queen Jojo-Sherry-Okoto Enigma

Melanie My journey-Blackgirl down

Sanne- Her. vs. World





The Rules of The Award:

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (being kind).

  2. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love ,that was given).

  3. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.

  4. Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful!)






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