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No.146| Tea Time @ Night|Conciense or Heart?|Night Vibe°(written in English & Dutch)



Yes! Girl! How are you doing, Girl? I’m fine. It was a long day but I can’t complain. So I hope that you had a great day today.  I’m enjoying my cranberry tea  at the moment . I’m finally in a relaxing mode after a very busy day…

So yes, girl i’m ready for our Tea Time Moment I have a Question for you.. Let me know your thoughts dear..



I have  a Question for you…

Which one would you choose your conscience or your heart? And what do you think is the difference between a desicion based on your heart and a desicion that is  based on your concience ?


Waar zou je  voor kiezen voor je geweten of voor je hart? En wat is het verschil tussen een beslissing dat gebaseerd op je geweten of vanuit your heart?





8 thoughts on “No.146| Tea Time @ Night|Conciense or Heart?|Night Vibe°(written in English & Dutch)

  1. I would pick both actually, but if I had to pick one, it would be a conscious. Because I think having a conscious makes you a lot more aware and awoke to your everyday life, allowing you to make better decisions I think.

    And Oh, I awarded you for the versatile blogger award by the way! you can check it out on my blog.😀💜

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  2. Hey Girl!
    ThnQ so much for your comment and for Sharing your thoughts with me.😀🌹♡
    Yes I also think that conscious is something that I would choose. I totally agree with the way that you see it.
    ThnQ so much Darling for the Nomination !🎉🎉🎉 I will check it out😄💕❤

    Hugz and Kisses,
    Miss B.💋

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  3. Hmmm. Good one. It seems that decisions based on the heart will always depend on what the heart treasures now in the moment. Where your treasure is, this is also where your heart is. It could be genuine or it could be deceptive. It all depends on the state of the person’s heart in the moment. A decision based on conscience on the other hand always seem to go back to what’s right and what’s wrong. Your conscience wants to do what’s right always, that tiny voice that reasons with you, but if the heart conflicts, it pulls you. I would prefer a balance between the two, though I know that I do not always make decisions in which both my heart and conscience are in sync. You’ve posed a good question here.

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  4. Hey Girl! ThnQ so much for sharing your thoughts with me after all thats what Our Tea Time Moment is all about! 🎉I appreciate it very much!😀 Finding the right balance between them two is also a great way!💯 But sometimes it is a challenge. Thanks again for your comment Girl! 😙
    Have a lovely week!
    Hugs Miss B.💋

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