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No.147|Tea Time with Miss B.|Night Quote| & Mah Girl Queen Nique’s Question| Night Vibe° (*Written in English)



Yes girl!  Welcome at our Tea Time moment… I hope that you are okay girl. And I hope that you had a great day. So yes tonight I’ve got a Quote and I really love it! I want to share it with you… Let’s check it out Dear!


Let’s Check out our Tea Time Quote!


Ohwwwww Yes! I totally Agree!

When you Love Everything that you Have you Have Everything that you Need!

So true!!! When we get to the point that we love  what we have and truly enjoy what we have we don’t need anything else. Because you feel complete! You don’t feel like your missing something simply because you got everything that you need.

I love this message! And I’m so glad that I can relate with this Quote because I feel at this stage of my life that I love everything that I have and that I got everything that I need! 

And I don’t know if you agree with me but as a human being we actually don’t need very much to be happy, right? Of course we all have different kinds of things that we want in life that give us the feeling that we love everything that we have  because we all have different needs, goals and wishes for ourselves.

If you no there yet that jou love everything that you have at this stage in your life don’t worry girl… work on the thing that you want so you can have and expierence this feeling one day. Because darling.. you will get to that point! Believe me! Of course you have to take the steps that you need to achieve and have the things that is important to you. But you will get to this point you wi’ll see!

Are you Love everything that you have?


So a couple of days ago I asked you to send your favorite Quote or a Topic suggestion for our Tea Time Moment. My Girl Queen Nique had a suggestion and I will talk about that in our Tea Time moment. So, there we go!


What is one thing/item you want to be unlimited?

Sometimes we think everything will last forever… Especially the time that we have with our loved ones. Exactly will not last forever.

For example, our parents  will not be forever in our lives… So the reality is that the time that we are spending with them right now  is limited.

Actually the time that we spend with all of our loved ones is limited. So we need to enjoy and embrace that, don’t you think? I do!

I wish it could be unlimited…

From the bottom of mah heart I treally do..

Yes girl I know.. just thinking about that gives me a heart attack… And I think that it makes you think about too.

I really dont like to think about it …beacause it’s make me sad but on the other hand it’s the reality! And when you realize that you would appreciate the time that you spend with them even more!

And you wouldn’t let anything silly take the time that you have with them away. Some family members decide to don’t deal with each other anymore for months or even years! That pretty sad…. Of course sometimes things happends that is very very painfull. So I don’t judge anybody let me be very clear about that. And I don’t have the right to do that.. Who Am I to judge? Ecaxtly girl: Nobody.

Because everybody has their own story and reasons and sometimes some situations that occured force them to make those kind of decisions.. It hurts them to..

“But the fact is and always will be that the precious time that you lost you can never ever get that back.”

And maybe it seems like the best thing to do.. but girl when this person no longer eksists then you will realize that al the fights and the time that you spend on being mad with each other and all the energy in proving your point will be insignificant. It doesn’t matter anymore.

And then you wish that you made the choice to put all the  differences beside and just enjoy the time yes the precious time that you had with your loved one(s).

But guess what it will be to late…

Just saying… Think about because now you still can do something about it…

So yes girl I will answer your question with:

Precious time with my loved ones. I will never ever get engouh to spent my time with my loved ones I wish it was unlimited….

I will pass her Question to you.. Tell me Girl..

So now that I anwser the Question of mah Girl Queen Nique I will pass her Question for you..

What is one thing/item you want to be unlimited?

Share with me and Queen Nique in the comments down below..

Bay the way Queen Nique share with me girl what would you like to be unlimited?

If you have a Question feel free to asked me and will talk about it in our Tea Time moment. Ohww Yeaaaah!

ThnQ girl for your Question!

And don’t forget to check her blog out!




7 thoughts on “No.147|Tea Time with Miss B.|Night Quote| & Mah Girl Queen Nique’s Question| Night Vibe° (*Written in English)

  1. Girllllllllllllll you hit that right on for me cause I was thinking the same thing when I posted the question. Time is forever changing and those hours and minutes will never come back. Just like yesterday and tomorrow will pass by and whatever and whoever we meet or come in contact with is what it is. Moments can turn into memories we cherish but like you said everything has an ending that is inevitable.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  2. Exactly!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
    Darling I love the way that you say it! Love this comment so much! This is truly the comment of the week! Sometimes people don’t realize that! Time is precious we need to use it well! This comment will be on the highlight of my week! Love it girl!😙 ( bay the way I would like to do a Quote swap with you one day ! ) Have a wonderful day Girl!😘

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