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Twin Markers Action |Miss B’s Expierence°| My Creations with The Twinmarkers°




As you may know The Twin makers are very populair ath the moment. There are plenty of video’s and reviews about them on YouTube.  I purchased 3 sets.  When I went to buy the green set it was already sold out. But i’m very happy with the Pink/Red set, Blue/Purple set and the Yellow/Brown set  because these Twinmarkers are sold out so quick, it’s crazy!

T.H.E. S.H.A.D.E.S.



The Shades are wonderful! 

 They have a great variety of shades. I loved!

Easy to Storage°


Yes Girl,

These Twinmarkers are very easy to storage! You can easily keep them in their own package if you want to.

But I will share some things with you that you need to know. 

For just €4,00 I truly can’t complain. But there is something that annoyed me a lot. The numbers and names of the colors that’s on the markers will fade away. Yes Girl, When I used them for the second time I noticed that the numbers started to fade.  I’ve made some pictures to show you.

Let’s check it out!

So that’s something I didn’t like. If I know then what I know now I would use a  transparant nail polish to prevent that it from fade away. So that’s the only negative thing that I have to say after using these markers. It’s blends very well. If you know what I mean. But I can see why they so populair ath the moment. And why their are sold out so quick.


When you use these Twin Makers you can expect that some colors will be I little bit different then the shade that you see on the makers. But that didn’t bothered me that much. I used these markers to doodle  when i’m handlettering, to draw and to write. 


I will share some of my creations that I made so far with these Twin Markers… (i’m still exercising ).



I love to use the thick tip you can create very nice shades with it



So yes I like these Twinmarkers a lot! One of my brown markers is already empthy!Lol!

Did you  purchased these Twinmarkers already?

Have a Great Sunday,Girl!



8 thoughts on “Twin Markers Action |Miss B’s Expierence°| My Creations with The Twinmarkers°

  1. Great post, and what lovely images you have! I am not quite sure why, but marker intimidate the heck out of me. Your work is inspiring, so I might give it a go again. Cheers!

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