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Friday Cocktail Time with Miss B. (Short)|Mah Highlights |Shout out To mah Girl Honeypie♡|Friday Vibe°







Yessss Girl! I’m Back! It was a VERRRRRY Busy week! But Girl it’s Finally Friday Right? I Have to go to work but I have to wish you a great weekend before I go! I hope that you had a great week and girl I will make it up to you! This week was crazy but I enjoyed it also. Let me share with you some of my highlights of this week. 





Mah Girl Honeypie!


Talking with mah girl about 3 hours on the phone was definitely a highlight of the week! We had a great conversation and  we really enjoyed that!

Soon i’m  gonna visit her in Rotterdam City! She is expecting her second child! Whoooot whoooot! She brought the news a couple of weeks ago and i’m sooooooooo happy for her ! Talking with mah Girl was definitely one of the highlights of this week! Ohhwwww yes!

Honeypie I wish you a wonderful week cant wait to see you!♡


Spring is Comingggg!



Yesssss! Darlingggggg! Spring is cominggggg! Yes I know.. You noticed already  Lol! But Girl that’s definitely a highlight for me  this week  a saw the first flowers popping out! The weather is  changing and the birds are singing… I Love The spring vibe. 


When we where outside we saw a lot of flowers that started to pop up! The are so beautifull! It is very beautiful to see the how the nature prepare himself for a new season!



My first flower of spring 2017 that my son picked for me. Every spring he gives me  lot of flowers♡. This definitely a highlight for me.


Finally Ice Cream Timeeeee!



Have A Wonderful Weekend! Let’s Danceeeeeeee! 





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