GirlzT@lk with Miss B°|(Written in English & Dutch)
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GirlzT@lk with Miss B°|(Written in English & Dutch)

  ENGLISH° Girl where do you think when you hear the word promises? Let’s See.. I think of the fulfilment of your word, confidence because you believe then that someone does what he says,  I think about enthusiasm because you looking forward, determination because you will show that you can keep your pledge, target  because all … Lees verder

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Poison on Lips!!!Is your lipstick Lead Safe?

Originally posted on BeautytalkswithNeha: Hello Everyone Which is your favorite Lipstick brand? Lakme,Maybelline,Loreal,BodyShop,Avon,Oriflame,Miss Claire’s??? I am sure there are many lip junkies like me out there.But recently a wattsapp message actually gave me a shock .The message had small test to identify if lipstick contains lead. Since I use lipsticks a lot I quickly…