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MondayT@lk°(written in English and Dutch)







We all know that decisions or choices we make have consequences. Good or bad consequences. This Quote is a nice one to our week to start with. Ohwww yeah, Girl! Because the focus is on the good choices and the good results! Later we will benefit from our good choices and commitment. Today it will be maybe a little exhausting but remember the reason for which you does it all! Later on you will be happy with your commitment and effort of Today!
Let’s keep in mind why we do the things that we do!

Have a Wonderfull week! Let’s make it AWESOMEEE!



We weten allemaal dat beslissingen of keuzes die we nemen gevolgen hebben. Goede of slechte gevolgen. Deze Quote is a nice one om onze week mee te beginnen. Ohwww yeah, Girl! Want de focus ligt op de goede keuzes en de goede resultaten! Later zullen we de vruchten van plukken van onze goede keuzes en inzet. Today zal het maybe een beetje uitputtend zijn maar vergeet niet de reden waarvoor je het allemaal doet! Later on you zal blij zijn met je inzet en inspanning van Today!
Let’s keep in mind why we do the things that we do!

Have a Wonderfull week! Let’s make it AWESOMEEE!


It’s a new month and it’s 10 april already! The days are passing by so fast! It’s Crazy! I don’t like too look to much forward simply  because we never know what tomorrow holds… So yes let’s be thankfull! Thankfull for this new month with new challenges, new goals and new chances!

Hey Peepz!♡ Time for a Little update…


You may Wondering what I’ve been up to

The past three months where crazy! I was very busy but I tried to blog so many times as possible.

I have a new job so there was a lot off things that needed to be done. And I had some tests that I needed to pass. Which I did! Whoot whoottttttt! Yes girl!  I’m so happy! This past week I had to prepare myself for a test (again) so that’s why your girl was a little bit Quiet these past days..

But i’m back! Ohwwwwww yesssss!  Your Girl is Back!

I hope that you had a great weekend! I did!

Let me know if you are doing well!




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