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HairT@lk With Miss B…


“After 8 Months It Was Time for a Relaxer…PERIOD!”

Yes Girl after, crochet braids, Twistouts, box braids, and wigs I decide that it was time to wear my own hear for a while. After a two week battle with the Twists out on my natural hair I decide to relax my hair.

My hair grow out with 8 to 9 inches i’m very happy I wanted to wait untill july to do my relaxer but girl the struggle with the twistouts was real. The result was great! Check it out:




Miss B’s Twist out Struggle…

Girl! I Love the result! But girl after a couple of hours my hair look like a Tornado! Lol! That pissed me off a lot… Lol! I put hairspray to keep the curls but even that didn’t work out. On Youtube you see the Girlz do their Twists out and they talking about keep it like that  for days.. (**Ugh** I’m Like Well I Don’t) I can even manage to keep them for 7 hours. So you can understand how irritate I got at some point…. Love the Curls but it won’t last…

Do You Have The Same issues that I have to keep your twists out? Or Do You have no problem to keep your Twists out Nice? If you do Tell me What is your secret?Share with me Girl…

Too much wigs and Box Braids is not good for your edges so to put one of those hairstyles again was a no go for me girl. But the positive thing is that it was great to see the real texture of my hair for the fist time. (Yes girl I know) For the first time a saw my real texture. My Hair is nice a lot different then I thought. It’s soft but frizzy also.. I didn’t bleach my ends bay the way its my natural hair color that you see on the ends of my twists outs. I did some things with my hair before relaxing. I wasn’t all natural let me be very clear about that because all my ends where still relaxed. But I had a lot hair that grown out during the months.  It was enough to show me how my real hair texture was. Like this protective hairstyle is on the things I did with my hair  before I  decide to relax my hair.



So Yes it’s great to wear my own hair after a long time…

I Love it! My Cosmo Haircut that I did almost two years ago grew a Lot!

When it the last Time put a Relaxer and Wich one do you use? Tell me girl…

ThnQ So Much for Reading!


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2 thoughts on “HairT@lk With Miss B…

  1. Jouw haar is echt mooi gebleven na het relaxen. Maar ik zeg je eerlijk, daarvoor was je haar ook prachtig hoor!! Kon ik dat maar met mijn haar.

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