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Review Nail Polish Primark°|with Miss B°






So a couple of weeks ago I purchased these  lovely nail polishes from Primark. I was so in love with the colors! And the price is very nice too! Lol! I wasn’t expecting anything I didn’t had any expectations. So in this post (as promised) I want to share with you my experience with these nail polishes.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!


I used two of the four colors that I purchased. These are my fav’s ath the moment: The Satin Matte & The Grey one. As I said I didn’ t had any expectations what so ever because girl let me tell you i’m so used that the cheap nail polishes vanish right away after a couple of hours…lol!


Girl! I was impressed! These nail polishes lasts a lot longer then I ever expected ! If I would expect something Lol! Ohw gosh !

I applied this grey nail polish on Sunday night because Monday I needed to go to work very early in the morning, so I didn’t have enough time in the morning to do my nails…

This was Sunday Night°


…. and this is Today Friday…


Not Bad, Right?

Girl, As you can see that it started to fade but girl without a top coat I can’t complain right? Exactly! For this cheap price these nails polishes are the bomb! Awesome! After five days !

I’m not someone who will watch out for me nails only when they are wet when I just applied some nail polish Lol! So I take my showers washed my hands frequently, I washed the dishes all and still after all of that they look like this. So yess! I’m very positive about these nail polishes!

Primark did a Great Job!

If  I have to think about other brands with their nail polishes for a cheap price then I would say that Primark is the winner!

In my opinion off course..

Oohwww Yesssss! 100%

Do You Have Great Expierences with These Nail Polishes from Primark?

If you know a  brand that have cheapnail polishes and they do a very great job…

Share with me Girl! Because I will love to know!

Have a great Weekend, Darling!


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