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Liebster Award! Nominated by mah Girl Raven_555





I was nominated for this award by Raven_555!

ThnQ Girl!♡

I appreciate it very much! Check out her blog:


The Rules°

This are the rules of this Award:

Place 11 facts about yourself. Nominate 11 other bloggers. Ask them 11 questions. A list of the rules! So your nominees know what to do and answer the questions you were asked.

11. F.A.C.T.S.

My Family is my No.1! ♡

Spending Quality  time  with them is mah Favorite thing to do.♡

I don’t like injustice♡I’m Honest♡ I Love to wear Black♡I Love to Draw♡I Love to make Pictures♡

I Love to dance♡I Love Patato Chips♡I Love to Decorate♡

I will never wear a neon color, no way!♡I can’t walk on high heels♡

#1. Who is your favorite musician?

It’s difficult to choose one.. Can I choose three? I would say Beyoncè  & Withney   Houston & Alicia Keys. 

Source photos : Google search

#2 What is your dream job?

Being a Mom. There is no job more rewarding then being a mom. (In my opion)

It’s  such a beautifull and special thing! It’s a honer to coach and teach them till they become adults. And the unconditional love wonderful! So yessss! Being a Mom is my dream job and i’m glad that I’m blessed i’m achieve it.

#3 How do you define love?

I would define Love in two words:

Pure & Unconditonal

But the way that bible defines Love is the most precious way in my eyes…

#4 What motivates you?



What motivates me is my family and it motivates me to be the best mom and wife I can possibly be. And to make the best of my life for myself and them every single day.

Life is a beautiful gift  but it can be harsh also. But the fact that we are in charge to make the best of our lives motivates me. That’s why I always say:


“Life is Beautiful You Just Need to Add The Right Colors”.

If you got the chance to learn a new language, what language would it be?

I would like to learn Chinese. It’s seems so cool to be able to talk Chinese. Yeahhh!

Would you choose a paid travel job or a desk job? 

Raven Girlllll! I don’t need to think twice to anwser that Question. Lol! I would choose Desk job simply because I don’t like to fly! Lol! Your Girl is scared the idea of flying that high. It’s freaks me out! Because what if? You know what I mean? 

Who is your favorite bloggers?

Well girl.. I have to say all of you. When I choose to follow a blog It has something special or unique…

Where in the world would you visit the most?

I would say:

🌴😎Miami!😎🌴 Owhh yesssss!


What is your favorite thing to say?

I would say : “I Love you” That is definitly the most favorite thing I love to say! Every single day I have to say that to my loved ones. That’s very important in our family.

What inspired you to start blogging?

My personal experiences and the things that I learned in Life.

Takeaway or home cooked food, which do you prefer/find useful?


Well Raven Girl… I would say Home Cooked Food. 100% Simply because it’s important for me to know what i’m eating. Home cooked Food is prepared with love and care that is why I prefere Home Cooked Food.

Mah Questions For You:

1. What are the things that you absolutly don’t like.

2. What is your favorite online webshop?

3. If you could change one thing in this world what would it be?

4. What is one thing that you will never do?

5. What kind of animal are you affraid off?

6. What is the most funny thing that happend to you?

7. What is your favourite movie that you can watch over and over again?

8. Do you have a song that you didn’t like from the very first time that you hear it? And wich song is it ? Lol.

9. Wich color will you never wear and why?

10. What is the thing that you like the most about yourself?

11. What kind of program you like to watch/or game you like to play when you where little?



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ThnQ So much for reading! 



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