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Liebster Award No.2| I’m nominated by Mah Girl Beautybykeysh°





The Liebster Award Rules

•Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you

● Nominate 11 other bloggers

•Ask your 11 nominees questions

●Let them know that you have nominated them.


ThnQ Girl for this award!xxxx

I really apreciate it!

If you don’t know her yet? Visit her blog:


I awnsered your questions. Let’s check it out!


1)What is favorite dish from your national cuisine?

Fish ’n Chips

2) What languages do you speak?

Papiamentoe, Dutch & Spain (Little bit)

3) What place you will never visit again and why?

Well it’s not a place it’s a Ferris  Wheel. Girl I will never ever go in there! Lol! Because i’m afraid.

It’s so high and scary and there is nothing that holds you. If you know what I mean. And when you are all the way up it’s very windy so it will move back and forward. No girl.. no way I will do that again!

4) What is your favorite superhero?

Oops do you mean Batman, Spiderman?…I don’t have one..but if I have to choose I would say my parents. They are a hero for me. 100% They reached reached a lot.

5) Have you ever thought of starting a youtube channel?

Yes…But I’m still thinking about it..So maybe, maybe not.

6) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Silly, Conscious & Simple.

7) The best way to spend a weekend.

Is spending my weekends with my family, do fun things together & enjoy each others company.  That’s my best way to spend my weekends! Ohw yeahhhhh!

8) What is your favourite movie and why?

download (1)

Beautybykeysh Girllll let me tell you…Just Wright is the first movie that had me watch it over and over again. I don’t like to watch a movie twice. If I already watch it then I won’t watch it again. But this movie has a vibe..I don’t know how to explain it but it has something that make it fun to watch it. I watch it like a thousand times. Especially in the morning’s. I have it on DVD love this movie! Did you watch this movie?

9) What makes you, you?

Just being me. That I always stay myself no matter what kind of situation or what the consequences are.  I don’t follow people’s actions if their not something good or positive. I guess that’s what makes me, me. If you know what I mean.

10) What is your daily beauty routine?

Girl, my beauty routine is very simple wash my face with water to take off all the make up . After washing I put some olive oil on my face and that’s it. In the morning I will take it off. And I will put my make up on that consists of an Eyeliner mascara, eyeshadow some lipstick and concealer for my eyebrows. Nothing special. I don’t put anything else on my face only olive oil or honey. I make sure I moisturize my face very well and that’s pretty much it.

 11) Who is winning: damon or stefan? (Vampirediaries)

I truly have no idea… I don’t like to watch those kind of things, to be honest. I’m sorry dear♡


My Questions :

#1. What is your favourite  make up brand?

#2. Who is your most favourite vlogger  on YouTube?

#3. Wich snack is your favourite?

#4. What is the most silly thing that you have done so far?

#5.What do you regret the most?

#6. Are you a person that like to spend a lot time with yourself or do you prefere to spend a lot of time with friends?

#7.What is your main goal in life?

#8. Do want to live in another country? Which one?

#9. What are the 3 things that you really need to take with you on a vacation?

#10. Which colour would you wear every single day?

#11. Do you had an embarrassed moment that you would like to share with us?


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15 thoughts on “Liebster Award No.2| I’m nominated by Mah Girl Beautybykeysh°

  1. Proficiat Eva!! Was leuk om je antwoorden te lezen! En je beauty routine is simpel en puur. Helemaal het tegengestelde van het mijne :D. Maar ik ben dan ook obsesses met beauty producten… xoxo Sarah


  2. Hi Miss B, how are you doing? Your liebster awards is given me more insight of who you are, am happy I found your blog! So official, thanks for nominating me for the award also.. much 💘 for your girl..omobim1. Enjoy your weekend!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  3. Hey mah girl omobim 1! I’m doing great and you?
    Your’e welcome dear! You are such a great blogger you deserve it!💯🌹💕 ThnQ darling ThnQ so much for your wonderfull comment😙😙😙
    Have a nice weekend also darling, yes I will!😀😀😀i’m definitly enjoying!🎉🎉🎉
    💋💋Big hug! Miss B.💋💋

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  4. I am doing absolutely fine, still on my bed at this time with no disturbance or work on my mind, I am good! Haha. It’s good to know you are great and am glad you are enjoying your weekend already. Thanks for your support and kind words. I really appreciate. I want to nominate you for versatility blogger award. Would you do me the honours of accepting it?

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  5. Yes girl that’s funny I am laying in mah bed too! House is done everything is done so I can truly relax! Yes Girl! Definitely awesome to have no disturbance what so ever that is so nice because you can truly Enjoy to the Max.😀😀😀😀
    Of course I will accept! ThnQ So much for the Nomination! Maybe you will like to work with me on a post together when you got the time?I will pick out a Quote for you and you for me and we will write about It. It will be an honer to work with you for mah Girlz@lk. Remember only If you would like to😄

    I will check out the versatiliy blogger award! Again ThnQ for the nomination!💕🌹

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  6. Yah, it’s been a long time I had that relaxation.
    Sure no problem, I am highly honored and delighted to work with you Miss B. When you are ready, let me know!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  7. Well i’m so glad that you finally had that time to relax girl that’s very important. sometimes we are so busy that we can find the moment or time to really relax.
    GREAT! I ‘m looking forward already. When you got the time you can pick a Quote that would like me to write about and mail me the quote at: bellamyzblogzthingz@gmail.com and then I will send you my Quote. Don’t forget to introduce your blog! With the piece that you will write about okay? My followers would like to know a great blogger like you, so they can visit your blog!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  8. Yah, I got the rest!
    Ohhhhhhh, I am lucky to be here right now, you re making me feel as if am on top of the world. I appreciate your sweet words Miss B. Thanks a lot. I won’t forget. You can send my the quote first, so I can get a better idea. Then I will do the same. omobimbolara4real@yahoo.com

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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