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It’s Mah Feeling!|The Benefits of Congregate(written in english)




“Welcome in another it’s Mah Feeling!

In this section I share with you my thoughts, experiences and feelings, maybe you can relate or maybe not.”

But that’s okay that’s  exactly why I call it:


Sometimes we experience things in life and it may give us the feeling that we are the only one who experiences or feels a certain way ….But we don’t. There is always a person who can relate… I think it’s very important to get together with others people to share the same experience or event as you in their lifes… Personally, I am convinced that it offers a lot of support. Of course you get support from your loved ones around you, but if they have not experienced  personally been true something then they can only give support but to understand what you are feeling they are very limited …

Can you Relate?

I remember when I suddenly lost my sister and her twin daughters. I felt an intense pain that no one could feel. My mother had her pain in a different way, after all she had lost her daughter and I was my sister. It hurt us a lot but we could still find support because we both missed her. It is painful but still nice that you can support each other and can remember your loved one together. Unfortunately, it is already 10 years ago but it feels like the day of yesterday … And not everyone understands that the pain remains forever. … Only if you are lost to a loved one do you understand that you are going through life to accept it, but that does not mean that the pain or loss goes away …. It would be nice if you could share it with others who this also have experienced or have to deal with this struggle sometimes I can handle a few weeks well and sometimes suddenly I have a lot of trouble with it and I am very sad of …

People often says that time heals the pain I experience it totally different Can you relate?


“The Benefits of Congrate”

“By coming together or  Congregate  you offer each other strength and a lot of support! And the most important thing is that you can truly understand each other!

You help each other by sharing with each other how you have dealt with this particular situation or event. I certainly think that you are much stronger  together than alone!”

-Miss B°-

So yes, if you are currently experiencing something that gives you the feeling that you are alone then you are not alone in what you experience. There are plenty of ways to get together through forums and discussion groups or to talk with somebody that also expierenced the same…

Give it a try!

Sharing is Caring, right?





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