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Welkom bij de eerste Blog in the spotlight on Miss B Blogz Thingz Over…

Naar aanleiding van om jullie te bedanken voor het volgen van mijn blog zal ik steeds een blog in the spotlight zetten! Jullie komen allemaal een keer aan de beurt! Ik waardeer jullie allemaal!

I Really Do!


Welcome to the first Blog in the spotlight on Miss B Blogz Thingz About …

Following on from thanking you for following my blog, I will always put a blog in the spotlight! You are all coming once! I appreciate you all!

I Really Do!

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Is it weird that I enjoy watching Nickelodeon ?

I recently had a very lovely conversation with my family on the whole issue of wanting to be great and wishing to have the life another person has and this helped me get a new personal understanding on the whole comparison issue.

Nobody will say that they do not want to be great in life. We all want to be the next/better Chimamanda Adichie, Linda ikeji, Genevieve Nnaji and even Kanye West or let me step it down, we all want to be like Ronkeraji, Cassie Daves and Grace Alex but unfortunately have been stuck comparing our life to theirs .

We have all read and in some cases watched these well known people talk about how tough it was to get to their present positions yet, we still find ourselves being jealous trying to find a reason why that person is popular and we are not. Sometimes we go, ‘emm, maybe his parents are rich and he has the right connection or emm, she is beautiful that is why everyone likes her’. We forget that the hardwork that person has gone through also have to be compared to our own.

It seems I am going to far, let’s step it down to normal everyday life. We all have experienced that moment when we look down on ourselves simply because someone we know got a new car, a new phone or (for students) had amazing grades or had the opportunity to go abroad and study. The game of comparison begins and you start to measure ourself with that person.

But really have we ever asked ourselves what we will do when we have those things or when we attain that position. Do we want to be that known person just for the praise that go with it or do we want to use it for something positive? Do we want to get married now because we want to create a family or because we want to showoff during the wedding or maybe because a and b have gotten married so we must to?

I do not exactly know what can be done when faced with those moments when we unconsciously feel the need to compare but I have found these tips helpful in such times :

  • Praying to God to give you those things/to take you to that level or even praying for Him to make better the ones you have within your reach. He is the main source and is actually the person who gave whoever you are comparing yourself to whatever they have.
  • Talk to friends and family. They help you appreciate what you actually have.
  • Stop thinking of instant fame for a second and just work to make little differences in your life everyday.
  • Instead of comparing try and be friends or noticeable supporters to those great people. Follow any good example they exhibit, it will build you up.
  • Never try to give and excuse for yourself. Don’t say this person is better than me because he has more connections because it is really not true.
  • Two people can not have the same thing in life so wait for yours. ( advice from brother)

And this is how I wrote a long post!

Help me add your own tip/weapon (lol) on defeating comparison because we should all support each other right? I will really like to hear from you, do leave a comment. Thank you.

As you do : peep the pictures I took of a very vintage camera while I was imagining I had one.


Ihuoma Sylva.comparison



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