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Blog in the Spotlight No.6 on Miss B Blogz Thingz Over… GirlyTreasures (Kamila Nicole)





Yes It´s Time to put  more awesome blogs in the spotlight! For you that just followed my blog as Promised I will put all my 1000+ awesome followers in the spotlight, that means also your awesome blog! I´m very thankfull to have you all and this is my way to show that I really appreciate you all! So Yes! Another awesome Blogger & Blog! Yes Kamila Nicole is the owner of GirlyTreasures ! Let´s check out her post!There we go! Of course don´t forget to visit her blog! http://www.girlytreasures.wordpress.com It´s always great to know more awesome bloggers!


My idea of a perfect lazy day

Relax, refresh and recharge in office

Stay in my pajamas / comfortable clothes 

The first thing I have to do when I start my lazy day is change into some lazy clothes. This is essential! I instantly get in the mood when I am lounge around in some comfortable clothes. I like to throw on an oversize t-shirt and some shorts or yoga pants and a t-shirt.


Have a cup of coffee 

Coffee is my life! I can not go a day without coffee. When I am being lazy I like to start off with a hot cup of coffee and look through my emails and social media accounts to start off the day. I use my Keurig and brew a dark roast coffee with 2 packs of sugar and creamer.

Stay in bed or sit at my desk 

After I have changed my clothes and grabbed my cup of coffee, I’ll first just sit around in bed. Maybe spend 20-30 minutes on the phone or I’ll read some daily quotes. This helps me to get my mind right and helps put me in the mood. After I have lounged around in the bed, I then move to my desk in the corner of my room. I like to sit at my desk, because honestly if I stay in the bed too longer, I’ll just want to go back to sleep.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.14.48 PM

Online Shopping

Shopping is my favorite hobby of all time! You can never go wrong with some new pieces added to your closet. I always use Ebates when I’m doing some online shopping to earn some extra cash back. I love earning money while I shop online. Not only do I get something new but I’m also giving money back to myself.


Get a lot of work done from my computer 

Once I’m done doing some shopping, I’ll look at my blog or see if I have any homework due. When I’m not engaged in these two activities, I’ll watch youtube videos or look for jobs. Besides my phone, my computer is really essential to me. I keep all my information on it and is how I do a lot of my communicating.


Catch up on a tv show

Netflix, Netflix, Netlix!! During the week I can be very busy and I could go days without watching a show. When I am just relaxing I will catch up on some Netflix shows. I am currently watching The Office and Santa Clarita Diet.

Order take out

When I am having a lazy day I do not feel like doing anything. And that includes cooking. Thankfully with sites like Uber Eats & Door Dash I can easily get my favorite food places delivered to me. I’ll eat my food, light a candle, kick back, and watch Netflix.


Take a bubble bath/ Use a bath bomb 

After I have done some of my favorite things or catch up on things I normally would not have time for on an average day, I like to end the day with a relaxing bubble bath. During this time I will listen to music, read a book, and reflect on my previous days and the days to come.

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