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-Ojspride-Yes! its Time to put another blog in the spotlight! I´m talking about OJ She is awesome! Check her blog out:https://ojspride.wordpress.com/

Well let´s check out her post! That she picked out to put in the spotlight on my blog!


My life is to be lived on my own terms, because I only will be held responsible for not succeeding.

In Life, its better to walk alone than to go with the crowd in the wrong direction. Your life is your choice, your terms. You should fall deeply in love with your life, let it be everything you ever wanted to be, to an extent that it doesn’t matter who joins you or who walks away, because your happiness isn’t tied to any one person or any one thing.

Lets live on our own terms, and we don’t have to explain ‘why’ to anyone but yourself. You alone is held responsible if your life doesn’t turn out  Which ever way you choose to live your life, and anytime you choose to do something that grabs yours attention, something that is unusual,… people will always do one or few things, like say; they’ll watch, they’ll be curious, they’ll analyze and some may even come show you support. But the fact is, no matter what you choose to do in your life, people mostly don’t care, So why not get up!, open your eyes and do what you know is good for you!


Photo© ojspride – build your life into an outstanding reflection, you owe yourself that much.

The life we live is to be made the most amazing, inspiring and beautiful thing one can ever imagine, so you can be a beautiful addition to someone else’s life and grow together as two wholes, rather than two halves. Your life is to be beautified, so as anyone who simply enters into your life becomes a radiant addition to your magnificent existence. Do well to complete or finish your masterpiece of a life, and do that by yourself and for yourself. Build on a foundation that is solid proof, let your passion and love for the amazing work of your hands grow continually, because you can only be satisfied and fulfilled in life when your purposes or goals are duly met.

Our life is a journey of constant growth that guide us gracefully towards a shinning light, and that light will bring bliss and a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment into your life. And once you have found bliss within your own life, then you are free to welcome whoever you like to come join…. Simply because you’ve already created your masterpiece and you’ve already found your bliss, your peace and the deepest sense of love within your own heart and soul.

The blueprint of your life lies within you. Design it, build it, and live it comfortably. Design and build up your life so that whenever you open your eyes, the view you’ll gaze upon will be nothing less than “Amazing”…. Because you created a masterpiece of a life.

Well! I intend to live on my own terms, & do just that by making it an outstanding achievement… We owe ourselves that much!



Check out Her Blog She is Awesome!




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  1. Thank you….

    Just a little correction; the first link to my blog is incorrect… There should be a space between the link & word “Well”.

    Thanks again for having me as a guest blogger. 💕

    On Jun 7, 2018 16:48, “Miss B BlogzThingz Over..” wrote:

    > Miss B Blogz Thingz Over.. posted: ” OJSPRIDE -Ojspride-Yes! its > Time to put another blog in the spotlight! I´m talking about OJ She is > awesome!Check her blog out:https://ojspride.wordpress.com/ Well let´s > check out her post! That she picked out to put in” >

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