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Blog in the Spotlight on Miss B Blogz Thingz Over…I´ve picked 5 of My Awesome Followers (written in english & dutch)




Let´s Support each other and to know more awesome blogs on WordPress!


Welcome!! My name is Jessica.

Wife.💍Mother.💙💙Encourager.👏🙏🙌BLOGGER!📝 welcome to my blog where I talk about some of everything!! Come laugh with me, grow with me & learn with me!❤ You won’t regret it! I’m always smiling regardless of what’s going on & the smallest things make me happy. I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming & I’m also very protective over her! I have decided that no one will get in the way of me living my best life and I’m on a mission to encourage others to do the same. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! I hope you enjoy what you find here!! Positive Vibes. xoxoxo

Check her out! She is a great Blogger:


#Blog No.2:

Mooi Leven, by de Gans



From this spot I want to offer people a modest contribution to be more positive in life. I use experiences from my own daily life. I write, mainly in Dutch, about all kinds of encounters, about the beauty of nature, art or music. Sometimes I am critical, sometimes creative, but always honest. Feel welcome to fly with.

Marije De Gans




#Blog No.3:

By Fashion Blog




Hey, Leuk dat je naar mijn blog kijkt! Ik ben Serena en ik ben 14 jaar, Ik ben een meisje wat gek is op beauty, fashion en lifestyle!

Veel lees plezier!

Liefs, Serena


Check her Blog out:





Hey, Nice that you look at my blog! I am Serena and I am 14 years old, I am a girl who loves beauty, fashion and lifestyle! Enjoy reading!

Love, Serena

Check out her Blog:


#Blog No.4:

In Make Up


I’m a makeup artist based in central London. I was born in Mozambique and raised in Portugal.Makeup is my passion, since I was a little girl, but only when I was 28 years old I decided to follow this passion, hence I moved to London.

I’m 35 years old now and I’m happy I have followed my makeup dream. There’s still a lot to do, to get where I would like to, but I know hard work always bring rewards. If you have a dream, keep fighting. Stones are only in your way to make you stronger.

My youtube channel:


Instagram:  michele.martins_makeup

Twitter: Michele Martins Makeup

Check out her Blog:



  #Blog No.5:Classically Ivy

About Me


My name is Ivie (Nickname: Ivy), and I’m very glad that you’ve stopped by my blog.

I started this blog as a creative outlet for my random thoughts. Writing helps me to clear my mind and be more focused on pursuing my life goals.

I have always loved to write, and I have found writing for personal and professional situations to be very enjoyable and rewarding.

I will be sharing my thoughts on living life in Nigeria through essays, short stories and poetry.

My ultimate aim is for readers to finish reading my posts with a smile and with something to think about. For starters, I will put up a new post at least once a week.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Please feel free to leave comments after reading, and to share the posts you’ve read on social media. You can also subscribe to the blog to get email notifications for every new post.

Thank you so much!


Email: classicallyivy@gmail.com

Twitter: @ivysoclassy

Instagram: @classicallyivy

Email Newsletter: Ivie’s Musings


So yes These are the 5 Followers that I picked out to put in the Spotlight on mah Blog. Stay Tuned because in the one will pick 5 bloggers again, so yes soon it will be your turn!

Have A Awesome Weekend!



11 thoughts on “Blog in the Spotlight on Miss B Blogz Thingz Over…I´ve picked 5 of My Awesome Followers (written in english & dutch)

  1. Hey Favegreat,
    How are you doing, Girl?😄 Glad to have you ! ThnQ so much for your wonderfull comment. Yes, I truly think it’s very important to support each other so we all can Shine together! Nowadays many people are focus to Shine alone, but I think that we can Shine much brighter together as a Blogcommunity ❤️

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  2. Thanks Miss B for picking these wonderful ladies, one day it will be my turn. Because I am new to the game. I love what you said about supporting each other. It’s very important.

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    Is True that your life Gravitate towards your most dominant thought If you are able to control your mind, you will have full control of your destiny and life ambitions.

    Many suicidal thoughts starts from silly insignificant thought and when given attention it grows to become a giant tree with deep root in your mind.

    Killer thoughts are not demons in you is you loosing firm control of your thought.

    Control your mind/thought with positive fresh thinking and be joyful at all times. Your mind will be free for successful ideals. Connect with the right people. Read positive literature, grow/train your mind with the right sources of good material and be full of great thoughts.

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