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It´s Mah Feeling with Guestblogger Kore (written in english) Music Vibe Tink – Treat me like somebody


Welcome on antoher it´s mah Feeling!

This time with Guestblogger Kore.

You may not agree with everything, but that´s okay that´s Exactly why I call it:


So Today My Guestblogger will write his first guestpost on my blog! Welcome Kore! So shall we check out his first post on: Miss B Blogz Thingz Over…?

Let´s check it out!


What is an ideal relationship? 

Many relationships do not hold up for two full moons before it crashes….who’s fault? That definitely is not an ideal relationship.
An ideal relationship is one that remains happy and strong irrespective of any ups and downs. An ideal relationship has to do with perspective. Whatever makes a relationship ideal for me might be ideal for you.  Just like the concept of wants and needs, every person has his/her desires(wants) in an ideal relationship, thus making it a thing of perspective.  These might include;
-physical features or appearance
-how you want your partner to hold you in public
-outings, places of interest
-status and resources
-playfulness, composure,  e.t.c.
However, there are basic things that makes a relationship ideal regardless of your desires, those are the needs of an ideal relationship and the most important.

 They include;

1. True love :

True love is a feeling, hard to control that’s if it’s not controlling you already.

They say love is blind, but I disagree,  true love is not blind but stupid. It’s not that love does not make you see, but it makes you disregard any negativity. It’s a major key to starting an ideal relationship.

2. Trust:

I keep hearing,  “never trust a man”, this and that.

Once you go into a relationship without trust, you are just going for rehearsal. Learn to trust your partner,  no matter how little. The trick is, once you trust your partner,  even if he/she is cheating,  you won’t know but if you don’t, even when he/she is loyal, you assume they are cheating. So many ladies and guys have ruined their relationships looking for what is not, some go through their partner’s phones,  messages,  call logs and all and after all get their emotions into a roller-coaster ride over what is not. It is clearly written in the bible sef that “seek and ye shall find” so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find. So if you were seeking if your partner is cheating, you’ll definitely assume that he’s cheating even if he is not because you saw a message to a lady saying “good night darling”. You have been affected by the Confirmation Bias theorem( check previous post).

3. Understanding:

Every aspect of life requires understanding,  so does relationship.

What does it really mean to understand your partner? do I mean the same language or verbatically? Nope. You need to study your partner,  his/her behaviour, attitudes, body language,  flaws, respect each others beliefs. If all these are in line,  you know how to handle all situations maturely and you tend to ignore most of the flaws. Believe me, there is no Mr right or Miss perfect,  you just have to enjoy the rights and live with the wrongs or you can enjoy the perfections and manage the imperfections perfectly because you are not perfect too.
Know your partner’s desires and wants in that relationship.  You can correct your partners flaws in a relationship but it’s a gradual process, don’t just expect a magical switch.

4. Sex and Romance:

Rather than being a Casanova, be your lady’s Mr Romantic.

To some,  sex is the ideal relationship. Satisfy your partner sexually, live all sexual fantasies, learn to be romantic.  Rather than being a Casanova, be your lady’s Mr Romantic. See previous post “Love,  Sex and Relationship” for more on this.

5. Attention and Loyalty:

You suck at giving attention to your partner but you want an ideal relationship?…There must be a nail in your head.

Giving attention is more significant than it seems most especially for ladies. Ladies are so sensitive so they require your time. You have to create some time for your partner no matter how little, else you fall back to your single club.

6. Maturity:

Maturity entails having to let go of some things in a relationship.  Let go of your ego, pride, high expectations. Learn how to say “sorry” when you’re wrong,  ignore flaws and says.

It requires a pro level of maturity to handle relationship conflicts. No relationships without ups and downs but you just have to manage them and “dead the issues at once”. Pretend to be mature even if you’re not to save your relationship. Pretending to be mature sef is enough maturity.

This my own view of an ideal relationship, if after all these,  your relationship is still not an ideal relationship, then your village people want to die on your matter be that.

Thanks for reading.

Don´t Forget To Check out his blog!


We see you on the Next It´s Mah Feeling on Sunday!






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