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GirlzT@lk No.3 with my Nieces Estefany Joshia & Miss B.|Written in English & Dutch|Music Vibe Ginuwine ¨Differences¨

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Hey Peeps!

I agree with this Quote!

Because a man who genuinely loves his wife might cry if he feels he is losing the woman he loves. He knows he is at risk of losing a good woman. And that would certainly bring a real man to tears! Don´t you think?

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Hey Peeps!

Ik ben het eens met deze Quote!
Want een man die oprecht van zijn vrouw houdt zou kunnen huilen als hij voelt dat hij de vrouw waarvan hij veel van houdt kwijtraakt. Hij weet dat hij de risico loopt om een goede vrouw kwijt te raken. En dat zou zeker een echte man tot tranen brengen!
Denk je niet?

So there we gooo! DO men cry? And when they cry is it a sign of weakness or strength???? Share your thoughts with us, let´s talk.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boy dont cry real men do

Well this Quote a good one …. The real Question is When is a men a real men? Well I think we should leave this topic for another girlz talk. But yess …. Crying is an emotion in my opinion just like joy, confusion, surprise, anger. I don’t understand why men are not allowed to make use of expressing sadness. I mean they can also use the other emotions? And where does the idea that men don’t cry actually come from?

I can give a few reasons where I suspect this may come from …. bringing up fathers, fathers who pass on their views to their sons … a certain image of “tough guys” being promoted among young people .

-Miss B.-

That’s my thoughts of course … I think that somewhere that comes up education and image created by young people / society. The strange thing is that I think expressing emotions adorns someone. In this case men. It is beautiful to express your true feelings, to express your love that you truly feel for someone. There is a label to that, can you imagine labeling that to emotions? Claims like this make boys and men dare to show their emotions less. Thank God I have a boy that my husband and me can make a real men. Men do cry that is an emotion that belongs to life. I don’t make you less a men. I think the fact that boys get this claim, thought early on, is deeply rooted. Emotions can be expressed, which means that we women can cry and men cannot? So yes! Real men CRY I agree with this Quote! And Boys TOO!

Wel this Quote a good one…. The real Question is When is a men a real men? Well I think dat we daar over in een ander girlz talk over moeten praten. But yess…. Huilen is een emotie in mijn opinion net als blijdschap, verwarring, verbazing, boosheid. Ik snap niet waarom mannen dan geen gebruik mogen maken van het uiten van verdriet. I mean ze kunnen toch ook de andere emoties gebruiken? En waar komt die gedachte dat mannen niet huilen eigenlijk vandaan?

Ik kan een paar redenen op noemen waar ik vermoed dat dit vandaan kan komen…. opvoeding van vaders, vaders met die hun kijk aan hun zonen doorgeven… een bepaalde imago van ¨stoere jongens¨ die onder jongeren onder elkaar wordt promoot.

-Miss B.-

So there we gooo! DO men cry? And when they cry is it a sign of weakness or strength???? Share your thoughts with us let´s talk.

6 thoughts on “GirlzT@lk No.3 with my Nieces Estefany Joshia & Miss B.|Written in English & Dutch|Music Vibe Ginuwine ¨Differences¨

  1. Being able to cry, whether we are female or male, is a gift. Tears release stress hormones, and help us to heal in times of sadness or stress. And of course there are tears of joy too.
    It is never a sign of weakness to cry. 🤗

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  2. Hello Sally! ThnQ you so much for your awesome comment! We totally agree with you! Tears are a expression of emotions! And never ever a sign of weakness!
    Have a blessed weekend! Take care in these difficult times!

    Hugz and Kisses,

    Estefany, Joshia, & Miss B. -X0-


  3. Hi Miss B and Ladies… From a man’s perspective, I find your discussion on this topic very interesting… not in a bad way…
    It makes me stop and think about the questions that you have raised about men and that “relief of stress(?)… pain(?)” … I know that crying is more than an expression of sorrow… It is a mechanism for purging that …inner deeper part of ourselves. So it seems to me, anyway.
    I speak only for myself… other men must share their own views and feelings.
    Except when I am experiencing extreme emotional distress… and even then it is a very very personal experience… an act of vulnerability… So it is something that I prefer to do in private.
    It isn’t an issue of loss love per se… but, as I said, one of intense emotional anguish… But that is just me.
    Why do I not cry more often??? It is not me. As a man, and sometimes the leading male figure of my family, I very much want to be someone on whom others can take strength…
    Sure it was not fun to be told “Big boys don’t cry.” Or, “Be strong!” Even,…”Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about!” We all know people who tell children that.
    But I think more than that, in my case, it was in witnessing the adult males in my life deal with and tolerate some pretty tough physical challenges… and how they did that that led me to do the same…
    (I will not get gruesome) But, at the age of about five I saw my step-grandfather accidentally sever a finger from his hand with a power tool. He remained calm and collected… made no emotional display… which kept me calm and confident that he would be alright and was in control of the situation… Even later, he made no big deal at his loss or the pain associated with it. He never cried in my presence, during or afterward.
    So, I guess what I am saying is that, as a man, I pick my time, place, and with whom I feel comfortable showing my vulnerability… my human frailty… my need for strength from someone else.
    So, if a man, at least this man, chooses to cry in your presence,… it is a tremendous act of trust… or perhaps a test of trust… to see how the other person accepts or rejects his willingness to show his human limitations in that person’s presence…
    Because, quite frankly, not everyone is comfortable being in the presence of a man when he does such a thing… at least from my experience.
    The real experience isn’t a romantic act on this man’s part… It is an act of trust…
    Not something I come easily to. So there, I have stuck my neck out.
    Sorry. Well… thank you Miss B for raising the question…
    I hope more men read your blog. And share their perspective on issues like this one.

    Ladies always have interesting discussions… to me anyway. Hope that I haven’t offended anyone. Have a good day. Stay in great health. ~ JDF


  4. Hey JFD Thank you for your comment!
    Unfortunately your response was missed, it ended up in our spam box, so sorry again for this late response. Thank you on behalf of all of us for commenting on this topic, it is certainly educational and interesting to hear what you think of as a man. It’s nice to hear that you dare to show your emotions. You are also the only man who responded. Do you mind if your comment comes back in the spotlight our girlztalk? Let us know the idea is to talk more about this topic and encourage other male followers to respond and give women even more insight. Let us know, of course we only do this with your permission and it is also the opportunity to put your blog in the spotlight. We hear from you! Thank you so much for sharing! Stay safe.

    Estefany, Joshia & Miss B.


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