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Tea Time With Miss B. NO.167 |Let´s Chit Chat! | Mah Music Vibe Seinabo Sey ¨Breathe¨written in English

Yeah Honeyyyyy! Let´s have some Tea! To be honest I am currently having a cup of cappucino Lol! But yes, grab something to drink and let’s have a moment!

How are you? Did someone tell you today how strong you are as a person? Well darling than me the first today and hopefully more will follow me to let you know today that you are a strong person! We are currently having a worldwide hard time I know .. but do our best, right? That´s right darling.

To deal with this situation in a positive way is a challenge, ohw yes it is…. But it let us see what is the most important thing and that is Health. At the moment it is a time that we may not be our best, a lot of tension about this virus that is gripping us worldwide. It brings stress, loss and anxiety. It also makes you doubt yourself how?

Because you are wondering if it is normal for you to feel that way especially when some people around you are dealing with this situation in a much more level-headed manner. Well is it okay to have these moments we all have our ups and downs. Everyone is a little stressed these are uncertain times that put a lot of pressure on all of us. Each of us are dealing with it in a different way. I understand if at this moment you feel that this situation take all the strength and energy you have in you or maybe you feeling that you are running out of strength… But you know what?

See the strength in yourself, because others can see it in you, your strength that you show, the appreciation you show for others and the way you deal with everything that happens around you. Do not feel weak if you also feel anxiety or stress it is normal especially in this time … Do not doubt yourself and feel what you feel but remember stay strong & Let´s move forward! And be proud of your strength because I am! 100%

-Miss B.-

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