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Tea Time with Miss B. No.168|Music Vibe ¨Questions¨ Chris Brown |written in English

Yeah Dear! It´s time for some Tea! So yes, I hope you had a awesome week. I Did! So Have a nice weekend Enjoy it, but remember: #staysafe!

So yes let´s chit chat a little bit!

Image result for quote remember: you do not owe anything to anyone ...

If I asked you if you owe someone an explanation about your decision or position on a certain situation, you probably would say: No Girl! You are not obliged to give a explanation. But how often do we do the opposite? Exactly to many times. But why? Could it be because we may find it important what other may think ? I don´t know..maybe… I catch myself doing the same too sometimes. But if you agree with something, you don’t have to provide extra text and explanation for your decision, right? So why do we have the tendency to explain ourselves when it is the opposite ? I think because we don´t want to come across as blunt or curt, but if our opinion, decision or position in a certain situation is as it is, we don’t have to sugar coat it, right?It´s my opinion of course. I certainly think that everyone should have the freedom to have their point of view, for example if I choose to say no it should be okay and respected. Just like I have to accept the decision that another person choose to make.


I would like to know your thoughts…Do you find it difficult to maintain your point of view and do you sometimes find yourself giving extra text and explanation? And why do you think you do that?

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