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Meet Tiani Angela NEW : Let’s Talk with Tiani & Miss B our own catagory On Miss B Blogz Thingz Over…

Yessss! Let me introduce mah Girl Tiani Angela we will have our own catagory together On Miss B Blogz Thingz Over… We will talk about some deep topics especially Mental Health. So yes, let’s welcome this awesome girl! If you don’t know her yet Let’s meet Tiani Angela yay!

Hi everyone! Special thanks to Miss B for having me on her blog. My name is Tiani, a 23-year-old girl from New Jersey. I started my blog back in 2018 after an unfortunate event. I attempted suicide by overdose. I was admitted to the psych ward for 7 days but those 7 days I wouldn’t take back for anything. Since then my life has had its ups and downs but I was blessed a year later with a beautiful baby boy named Isaiah. He is my world. My blog is for anybody and everybody who’s ever felt alone, or just a place to stop by and feel the warmth. I wanted people to know that there is always someone out there willing to listen. You can check out my blog HERE. 

The topic of mental health is really important to me. I believe everyone should feel comfortable expressing emotion whether they be good or bad. It doesn’t have to be for the world to see but at least so that it can help relieve you of some mental pain. Mental Health to me are those inner thoughts that only you know about. It’s how you truly feel on the inside and sometimes outside. Your mental health paves the way for a better or worse lifestyle and it’s up to you to figure out how you want to handle it. It’s taken me years to find some type of balance and figure out what works best for me but I must say it was all worth it. I believe that the first step to the road of mental recovery is admitting to yourself that something is off and you want to fix it. Allow yourself to feel the emotions because holding back can be harmful in the future. 

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