GirlzT@lk with Miss B°|(Written in English & Dutch)
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GirlzT@lk with Miss B°|(Written in English & Dutch)

  ENGLISH° Girl where do you think when you hear the word promises? Let’s See.. I think of the fulfilment of your word, confidence because you believe then that someone does what he says,  I think about enthusiasm because you looking forward, determination because you will show that you can keep your pledge, target  because all … Lees verder

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Miss B &Teenage T@lk: Mah Expierence & Choose your’e Friends Carefully They Have Big Influence!

  Choose Your’e Friends Carefully, Wees Selectief!° So Girl! Listen to me.. Je ben het met me eens dat je veel waard bent, right? En dat je waard genoeg bent om niet iedereen in je leven toe te laten. Je vertrouwen die geeft, je vriendschap, je persoonlijke dingen die je met je vriendinnen zou willen … Lees verder