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How are you doing girl? Are you ready to have some Tea with me? So yes, shall we check out our Tea Time Quote? Alright. Let’s go!




Sometimes your life can turn out totally different than you expected.. You probably already know that by the things that you have experienced. This Quote is talking about the fear that prevents us to make certain changes in our lives. Fear is an emotion that can prevent us to make certain decisions. You can have the fear that things may not turn out the way you expected. But sometimes it can also be the fear of what others will think about us. Or sometimes you can have the fear to make the wrong decision.

I see life as a  type of project. We all have our own lives that we can setup in the way that we want. Sometimes we forget that certain adjustments should be done on a project. The plans that you have in mind for the project was very promising but while performing you noticed that you are unhappy with the results. Sometimes you have to do some adjustments. That’s also the case with our lives we have to work on it and make some adjustments until it’s reach the result that you wanted. That’s just the way it is. Our lives can turn out totally different by several factors. But girl we in the end we are all the captain of our own ship. Yes we are in charge! If we don’t like the way we live we need to make the change even if it means that we need to rebuild our life. We are ultimately responsible for the choices that we make. And we determine the extent of how far we let people have an input or influence in the decisicions that we make in our lives. I certainly think that we should not forget that sometimes it’s necessary to make some adjustments to be able to achieve results that we each have in mind for ourselves that make us happy. Of course it is scary to take certain steps to rebuild our lives but we don’t need to let fear stand in our way. Because  girl, Their are no guarantees. We have to do what we gotta do until we are satisfied with the way that we are living our lives.

When your life makes you happy and satisfed. That’s the moment that you will know that you are on the right track!






8 thoughts on “No.155°|Tea Time with Miss B.|Night Quote|Night Vibe

  1. Hey Sudershana! How are you doing Girl! ThnQ so much for reading and for joining our Tea Time😀😀😀 ThnQ Dear for sharing your thoughts! Yes Girl! Exactly💯!💕😙🌹 Big Hug! Hugz and Kisses,
    💋💋Miss B.💋💋


  2. Couldn’t agree more! There’s absolutely no shame in starting over if you’re not happy with the life you’re living. I did it too and now I’m definitely on the right track! Much love and thanks for the awesome post!

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  3. Hey Mooier leven! Thank you Girl for sharing your thoughts, Great girl that you started over sometimes you need to do what you got to do to in order to be happy with your life and I’m glad your reach that point! Ohwww yessss! You go girllllll!🎉😀😀😀 ThnQ for sharing your expierence with me!
    ThnQ for joining Tea Time! I appreciate it!😙
    Hugz and Kisses,
    Miss B.💋

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